Newest 2016 Intel CPU - E3 1230v5
+ KVS Ultimate for FREE!
from $130 / month

  • Free migration & setup.
  • One month CDN free trial.
  • Server load tuning.
  • Best for video streaming.

Prices and Configurations

CPU RAM Hdd Bandwidth Prices
Intel Xeon
16 GB 2x1TB
10 Tb $130 Order
Intel Xeon
16 GB 2х750GB (RAID)
+ 240GB SSD
10 Tb $145 Order
Intel Xeon
16 GB 2x240GB
10 Tb $159 Order
СPUIntel Xeon E3-1230v5 Hdd2x1TB (RAID)
RAM16 GB Bandwidth10 Tb
Price $130
СPUIntel Xeon E3-1230v5 Hdd2х750GB (RAID)
+ 240GB SSD
RAM16 GB Bandwidth10 Tb
Price $145
СPUIntel Xeon E3-1230v5 Hdd2x240GB
RAM16 GB Bandwidth10 Tb
Price $159

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Speed up your websites with our lightning fast CDN for free!


  • One month unlimited CDN traffic & storage free trial.
  • Reduces the load on the server.
  • Speeds up content delivery, 4 CDN locations (USA and Netherlands).
  • All content is downloaded from pure SSD storage.
  • Handles more traffic (e.g. 10 Gbps) than a standalone server (1-2 Gbps);
  • Improves search engine ranking as a result of a faster page load; increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns - web pages render faster and users stay more engaged!
  • Content protection: specify link lifetime, anti-hotlink, and more sophisticated versions of the protecton.
  • Detailed and comprehensive statistics.
  • API.

After a free trial

  • Refuse the service or continue using CDN.
  • Pay only for the actually used resources.
  • The price for CDN is $1.2 per 1 Mbps + $0.1 per 1GB SSD storage. Get discounts on higher volumes!
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Choose your support

Support Basic Full
Server setup initial setup & configuring individual server tuning
Monitoring 24x7 -
Software upgrades & patches on request
Additional issues resolving optional any
Tickets response reactive proactive
Included support hours 1 12
Price Free $50/month

Basic support

  • Free migration.
  • Initial setup & configuring.
  • Additional issues resolving - optional.
  • Tickets response - reactive.
  • 1 hour of free support included.


Full support

  • Free migration.
  • Individual server tuning.
  • Monitoring 24x7.
  • Software upgrades & patches.
  • Any additional issues resolving.
  • Tickets response - proactive.
  • 12 hours/month.

$50 / month

“Full Administration” - a special assistance service provided by our highly qualified system administrators team who will perform all your tasks.
Rely on our expertise while working on the growth of you business.

Reasons to choose us

Cutting edge servers

No desktop hardware or 6-years-old servers. We use newest Intel Xeon E3v5 based servers that supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM.
For projects demanding maximum performance we offer dual CPU Intel Xeon E5v3 based servers as well as custom solutions.

Contact us to get a quote.

Rock solid infrastructure

For your convenience, all our servers are based in the modern Tier-3 data centers. All ATS & UPS are dual-powered. Racks are equipped with 2 PDU connected to different UPS. All servers has redundant 2 hot-swappable power supplies connected to independent PDU.

We provide premium-quality network cooperating with international Tier-I providers (Hurricane, Cogent, Level3). Network fault tolerance is achieved through redundancy on all levels from the network providers to the rack. Each network segment is redundant (routers, uplinks, main switches). Also we are ready to connect your server into 2 independent switches on request.

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Dedicated support

We ensure to setup your server that meets your project specifications as well as we are always ready to handle your migration.

Complex project?
Chat or email us, and our technical experts will do their best to answer all your questions.


One Free KVS Ultimate license per server is available only to a new customers (registered after 05.01.2017).

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